Chiropractic, Massage, Therapeutic Exercise and Spinal Decompression: An Effective Treatment Combination

Bellingham's top chiropractor, Dr. Randall Hill, uses a combination of the following therapies and treatment modalities to provide quality care to his patients. He is the team sports chiropractor for numerous local teams. The Bellingham Roller Betties, Bellingham Bulldogs, Bellingham Bells, and Bellingham "Old Bats" (his wife Linda's softball team), are among the professional, semi-pro, and community organizations with whom he's been working. He's currently treating an eleven year old champion gymnist and a team of aging bowlers. Dr. Hill is available to help with your sports injuries too.
Spinal Decompression, also known as LCD (Lumbar Cervical Decompression), is a gentle form of disc decompressive traction, an FDA cleared treatment for disc herniations and bulges, degenerative joints and sciatica. This painless therapy relieves pressure in the disc using a gentle stretching technique. The vacuum effect can reabsorb bulging disc material and thus relieve arm, leg, and back pain. The phasic motion increases blood and fluid exchange, activating nerve mechano-receptors surrounding the joints to relieve pain and improve function. This gentle form of treatment is often effective for the degenerative joints associated with aging and osteoarthritis.

bulging disc

Is LCD Right for Me?

Many patients have benefited from this state-of-the-art treatment. A preliminary examination and X-ray will be evaluated to determine whether you are likely to have a successful outcome. If it is apparent that you are not a viable candidate for spinal decompression, we'll let you know. We will help you find an alternative treatment or provider. We have a collegial relationship for cross-referral to other members of the healthcare/medical community in virtually every discipline.

Beyond Pain Relief

Pain relief is usually the main reason a patient seeks chiropractic help; however, chiropractors offer much more. Preventive care is the key to ensuring a healthy spinal column. Regular checkups benefit patients of all ages. The best cure, as we all know, is an ounce of prevention. By keeping the path open from the spinal column throughout the nervous system, we give our bodies the best chance to self-heal. At Bellingham Spine and Disc we are committed to this principle. Having taught the "Protect Your Back" program for the American Chiropractic Association and American Red Cross, Dr. Hill enjoys tailoring exercise protocols for each individual patient. Simple, take-home exercises are available for both stabilization and strengthening.

Club "M" Massage Discounts

The benefits of massage therapy are numerous. Massage is the oldest and most sacred form of therapy known. It is effective for pain relief, relaxation, lymphatic drainage, spasm reduction, improving circulation, soft tissue injury healing and toning the body. The therapists of Club "M" provide excellent, gentle, "hands on" care. They'll show you the facility and consult with you before each massage. This will help your therapist ascertain how they can be most effective during your treatment session.

We're pleased to offer discount massage rates for those who choose to join Club "M". Our rates are typically the lowest in Bellingham, even lower than the national chain Massage Envy. The therapists are trained in sports treatment, pregnancy massage, Swedish, triggerpoint, numerous injury treatment techniques, deep tissue, and more. The Club "M" team incorporates the above techniques as appropriate for you to experience the best possible massage specific to your condition.

Further Reading
Below you will find a variety of studies on the benefits of SPINAL DECOMPRESSION as an effective, non-surgical, alternative treatment for back pain. Please follow the links below for additional information (files open as .pdf document).

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