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We're conveniently located at 2701 Northwest Avenue in Bellingham's Columbia neighborhood.

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Our bodies are amazing machines. We are built to self heal but sometimes we need a little help to assist the body’s natural self-healing faculties. Because a healthy spine is vital to a properly functioning nervous system, your chiropractor’s role is pivotal in maintaining overall health and well-being. When the spinal column is injured, whether it is caused by accident of the effects of aging, that injury extends throughout the body. Pain radiates from the spine through the nervous system, affecting the neck, back, arms, and legs. Through diagnostic tests and X-rays we can identify the source of the pain and facilitate relief-using both state of the art technology and time proven "hands on" methods.

Our Commitment To You... At Bellingham Spine and Disc we offer the highest quality professional health care within a warm, friendly environment. We know that each patient is unique; therefore, your treatment is specifically designed to promote the healing of your body. We provide an integrated set of methods and techniques to aid in your recovery. Our Bellingham Chiropractic services include:

Disc Injury Treatment

Chiropractic Adjustments

Spinal Decompression Therapy

Massage Therapy

Customized Exercise Programs

Insurance and Medicare Accepted!

What others say about Dr. Hill and Bellingham Spine and Disc

I injured my lower back, resulting in two bulging discs. The pain was so intense I couldn't stand without a handful of pain relievers. With the help of Dr. Hill I am now pain free.
Don L. Construction Laborer
Bellingham, WA

I was having numbness in my hands with severe pain into my left hand. It was focused between the bottom of my thumb and palm, and it caused a stinging sensation whenever I would reach for or pick up an object. I found myself avoiding the use of my left hand. You can imagine how this affected my hairstyling career. Cutting hair was painful! I started treating with Dr. Hill last month and am excited to say that the pain is completely gone. We're nine sessions into the Spinal decompression protocol (approximately halfway, according to the literature), and my numbness and tingling are almost completely gone as well. My husband treated with Dr. Hill four years ago. He had great results with spinal decompression therapy for his lumbar disc/sciatic pain and he still feels great. I've never been much of chiropractic goer, or any doctor for that matter if I could help it. I certainly would recommend decompression therapy to try before having any invasive treatment for spine-related pain. Thank you Dr. Randall Hill for making such a profound positive effect on our lives.
Judy E.
Bellingham, WA

I was really impresssed with the massage offer at Club M (Bellingham Spine and Disc). Their massage rates beat those of Massage Envy in Seattle, and the therapists are really great. The rooms are very nice; good music, lighting, temperature. The tables are really unique. My experience ~ it looked like a traditional massage table, but lying on it was like floating on a cloud. Thick soft foam topped with a fully heated pad and quality sheets. It's the little details that really make it nice.
I'm now a silver club member. I get two massages each month. If I miss one I get 60 days to make it up. I'm going to upgrade to the Gold membership next month. That's four hour-long massages a month, and it brings the rate below $49 per massage. This is the best massage deal I've ever heard of, and having discounts for my occasional chiropractic adjustments is a nice perk too. Dr. Hill does great chiropractic work, by the way. The clinic is spotless, and a peaceful place to get treated. Five Stars for you guys at Bellingham Spine and Disc. I'm sending my friends!
Nancy B.
Bellingham, WA

My hands would go numb on me while holding the steering wheel of the car when travelling. Even on a five mile trip, I would have to keep switching from one hand to the other while driving. Also, my right hand would ache so bad sometimes while holding the fork or spoon that I would switch to my left hand to eat a meal. The pain was the worst at night. I would wake up with one or both hands aching.
I was told by one of my clients about Dr. Hill and the great things he was doing for them. I made an appointment with Dr. Hill, and after telling him about my problems and a brief exam, he confirmed his diagnosis with an x-ray of my neck. The spinal decompressions, along with adjustments and specific exercises that I could actually perform, has been the answer to my problem. I now can eat without switching the utensils to my left hand, and am enjoying eight hours of sleep every night. I can drive all day with both hands on the wheel all the time. Life has become much more pleasant for me. I highly recommend Dr. Hill at Bellingham Spine and Disc.
Rich W.
Ferndale, WA

I have had problems with back pain since I was 18 years old. I have been formally diagnosed with one cracked disc (annular tear) and two herniated discs. Also, arthritis at every level of the spine. I have been to numerous doctors, including three neurosurgeons, a physiatrist, a pain clinic, an interventional medicine clinic, physical therapists, and other chiropractors. I was told at every turn, "there is nothing more we can do for you". I was at my wit's end. A friend of mine told me of a doctor in Everett who used spinal decompression. I looked into it and thought, I have nothing to lose. Not wanting to drive that far I googled spinal decompression thereapy in Bellingham. I was surprised to find that we have a trained doctor right here in Whatcom County. Dr. Hill reviewed my MRI and x-rays with me and agreed to treat me. The treatment has been pivotal in my recovery. I completely trust Dr. Hill's expertise and have responded well to his spinal adjustments and disc decompression therapy. I also receive massages from the therapists at Bellingham Spine and Disc. They are great as well. I can now walk straight and carry on with my life. My friends and family have noticed the difference in me and I am sending them to Dr. Hill as well. My 15 year old daughter has had back pain since six years old. Her pediatrician said her x-rays were abnormal, and one leg was shorter. He sent her to physical therapy where they put a lift in one shoe. This increased her pain and altered her gait. We brought her to Dr. Hill 2007. His treatment balanced her pelvis, which was torqued at the sacroiliac joint causing the leg length inequality. She now has no back pain or altered gait, and has equal length legs without the lift. I am so glad we found Dr. Hill. He has been a god-send to our family of five.
Thank you Dr. Hill,
Melanie M.
Bellingham, WA

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At Club "M", we offer reduced rates for our regular massage clients. One, two, or four monthly massages are available.

Our advantage over the national discount massage franchises is significant. We don't put you on the hook for a year-long, "no way out" commitment, and our rates are equal or lower. We don't add surprise taxes or add-on fees.

At Bellingham Spine and Disc, you can count on a massage experience specific to your needs. One that surpasses your expectations in both quality and in value.

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